Research Groups

St Mark’s Institute for Colorectal Medicine and Surgery is built around six Centres of Research.

Research Groups

Anorectal Centre

We have a centre that is unique and a world renowned team who are capable of translating new developments into patient care

The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Centre

St Mark’s Hospital has a strong historic association with IBD treatment and research, which continues with cutting edge scientific research and clinical trials supported by a multidisciplinary team

Bowel Regeneration and Rehabilitation Centre

St Mark’s Hospital’s is currently one of only two national centres in the UK for treating patients with intestinal failure

Treatment of Advanced Cancer Centre

St Mark’s Hospital if one of few offering complex treatments for patients with advanced and recurrent bowel cancer

Development of Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre

This approach is highlighted through two recent developments at St Mark’s Hospital; FLEX and TASER

Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Colorectal Disease Centre

Early diagnosis is a powerful way to improve cancer survival. Research at St Mark’s Hospital is aimed at the use of endoscopy and radiology techniques in early diagnosis